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Ranbir attributed to his criminal practice winning his very first aggravated assault jury trial in 2009 at Brampton. Since then, our office has consistently gained reputation conducting jury trials. Advocating powered charter rights remained the key to our successful criminal law practice. Criminal defence means comprehending powered Crown’s case and making use of the best possible legal defence on a winning strategy. Choosing the right defence lawyer for the matter is a dire necessity. A defence lawyer armed with knowledge and experience is a shield against the prosecution case. A perfect lawyer choice could be half the battle won; such is the importance of hiring services of a criminal lawyer, Ranbir Mann. Your search for a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Scarborough, Toronto, Newmarket, Orangeville and Oshawa ends here. Our office represents clients in criminal trials all over Ontario. We have gained a reputation in providing superior representation in criminal jury trials. We have raised the expectation bar by means of delivering results, when things were getting seemingly impossible, for our clients. The office is proud to arrange clients’ meetings, pleasantly assistive in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages. Assurance is made to everyone that language should never be a barrier to deliver service to clients. We are well known for our success in Jury trials and litigating Charter rights, in the context of criminal law. Criminal law is innovative. We do not believe in a stereotype practice. We believe in change, indeed. Canadian Criminal Law largely revolves around Charter rights, which is unique in its nature. Charter rights in the criminal context guarantee protections to Canadians and others in Canada to be free from arbitrary and wrongful acts or omissions of the State agents. Charter litigation plays a vital role in Canadian criminal law. Our all-time passion remained to fight for one’s Charter rights. We recognize that every criminal case is unique in its own facts and circumstances and there is no similarity on facts except the legal principles. Noteworthy is that Common sense is well regarded in Canadian criminal jurisprudence and is further endorsed in jury deliberations. In other words, common sense is the key to successful criminal defence practice. Therefore, jury trials remained our all-time passions. Criminal charges are itself prejudicial in nature and therefore require us to provide a special relationship of trust and hard work for our clients. Another thing to remember is that Canada is not foreign to wrongful convictions; therefore, timely services of a knowledgeable and experienced defence lawyer are the key to rights and liberty. We are the shield for our clients when the system is against them. Our commitment is to bring justice and the best possible results for our clients. We fight for their rights and make sure to fulfil our objective of bringing home their pre-charge stage. If a suitable resolution is not reached, then without hesitation, we require the prosecution to prove its case on trial.

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We have experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer providing Criminal Defence in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Newmarket, North York, Toronto, Oshawa, and the surrounding areas.

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