Toronto Fraud Lawyer - Criminal Lawyer in Brampton for Defence Against Fraud Charges

Where the value of a fraud exceeds $5,000, the maximum punishment prescribed is 14 years in prison. These matters could be very complex and there could be aggravating circumstances surrounding the offence warranting an increased penalty. Our Toronto Fraud Lawyer can help you defend any outstanding conviction fraud charges.

An act of dishonesty is the beginning point in fraud matters. In addition to the dishonesty, there must be found some actual loss or risk of pecuniary interests of the valuable items named in the charge and such deprivation or its risk should be directly or indirectly connected to the act of dishonesty. Dishonesty without deprivation or a risk of it may not be sufficient to warrant a finding of guilt on a fraud charge. Similarly true is that mere deprivation without an act of dishonesty should not complete the ingredients of this offence. Brampton criminal lawyers always strive to let you free out of pending fraud cases.

Business records and records of financial entity or institutions must go through a prescribed procedure before those records can be admitted in support of the charge. Failure to adhere to the prescribed procedure may prohibit the prosecution from relying upon such documentary records in the trial. We, at Mann criminal law, are well experienced in every complex fraud matters and have provided very favourable results to our clients.
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