Criminal Lawyer Toronto - Your Shield to Defend Charges Against Assaults

Aggravated Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Assault with a Weapon, Domestic Assault and Simple Assault are integral part of Canadian criminal law practice. Defending yourself was never so easier except with the help of an assault lawyer Toronto.

Aggravated assault is considered the most serious form of an assault and close to the offence of homicide. Assault causing bodily harm and a simple assault are included offences to the charge of Aggravated Assault. If you are looking for a Punjabi criminal lawyer Brampton, give us a no obligation call.

Aggravated assault is punishable by the maximum term of 14 years in prison and cannot be tried summarily.

However, Assault with a weapon or Assault Causing Bodily harm, if chosen by indictment, has a maximum punishment of 10 years prison and, if elected summarily, the maximum punishment is 18 months prison. Our Toronto criminal lawyers will put their sincere efforts in collecting the evidences in your support.

In such matters we always test the evidence first on a preliminary hearing if the offence proceeds by indictment.

It must be remembered that once the accused has raised a defence based upon some air of reality then the burden to disprove it rests with the prosecution and not with the accused. Some of the common examples of defences are: self-defence; defence of property and prevention of crime.

The evidence in such matters could be very complex and technical requiring a proper defence to be pleaded, established, and successfully argued. We leave no stone unturned to explore the best possible defence applicable and fit into the particular facts and circumstances of our client's case. By seeking a legal expertise from our criminal lawyer Toronto, you will be ensured that your case is in safe hands.