Brampton Toronto Drug Lawyer for Defending Drug Offences

Our substantial practice involves defending drug offences in Toronto Brampton. Whether it is simple possession or trafficking in substances, these matters generally involve charter litigation and could be very serious and complex in litigation. Our certified drug lawyer Toronto, Mr. Ranbir, can effectively help you in this regard.

With his top-notch legal services in Brampton and adjoining areas, Mr. Mann has become a reputed Toronto drug lawyer. Challenging the propriety of Information to Obtain Warrant, the legality of the warrant, admissibility of wiretap authorization, possession and/or knowledge of the substance seized are some of the complex issues we are experienced with.

Our trusted drug offense lawyers in Brampton also analyze the prosecution's case, whether there was an arbitrary or illegal detention and/or an unreasonable searches or seizure on the person or property, triggering a Charter based remedy warranting the exclusion of the drugs seized. Charter litigation in the criminal context remains a key to our defence practice.

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