Toronto Bail Lawyers - Bail Hearings in Toronto

A detention pending charge may drastically impact the ability of the accused to defend the charge. An accused is merely an accused and is an innocent unless proven guilty by a due and fair judicial process with the assistance of trusted lawyers in Brampton.

Also is true that Liberty & freedom is paramount to one's dignity. However, this fundamental right can be seriously questioned by the state through the criminal charges laid against someone. We believe bail pending trial should not be denied but for some very good reasons. For this reason, our criminal lawyer Toronto is here for your quick help.

Bail hearings require a special plan and preparation in advance. A suitable release plan should be presented to the court, which fits into the personal and unique circumstances of the accused and in relation to the circumstances of the alleged offence. Our Toronto criminal lawyer is the one who can rescue you out safely by providing a great assistance in bail hearings.

Any prior criminal record of the accused, including prior convictions for breaching a bail order and any other pending criminal charges may largely impact upon the court decision to deny the bail thus requires a suitable and proper release plan prior to risking a bail hearing.

Our Brampton criminal lawyers do not recommend proceeding to bail without a suitable surety and a proper release plan thoroughly discussed & brought in place in advance. In some very serious cases, we even recommend that we should move for a bail only after we have received and analyzed substantial disclosure from the prosecution. Inquire anything about our Toronto bail program today.