Criminal Code of Canada - Robbery and Theft Offences

Robbery is punishable by a maximum term of life imprisonment with a minimum of four years imprisonment if a weapon is used in the commission of this offence. Ask Mann Criminal Law what to do in this situation?

As per Criminal Code of Canada, Robbery is the higher form of theft, which is committed face-to-face by the use of violence or threat of violence. If theft is not proven in the charge of robbery then an accused cannot be found guilty of robbery. However, he/she may be found guilty of other offences due to the involvement of threat or violence against the person(s). Criminal lawyers in Brampton could assist you in defending any outstanding charges against you.

A claim of right could be a defence to property and will require acquittal of the charge of robbery, if successful. However, one is not frequently litigated. Identification is the most commonly found and litigated issue in robbery cases and requires very technical in-depth evaluation. The lack of identification or a reasonable doubt about it may alone require acquittal of the charge unless an accused is found to be connected with other physical evidence of the offence in question.

Extortion is much like robbery but generally an offence against particular person(s) as opposed to an offence of property involving robbery. It requires the improper use of power or influence, inducing another person to do something or cause something to be done, whether accused receives the property or not from its complainant. All kinds of threat or demand will not constitute the extortion. A reasonable justification or an excuse may negate the offence of extortion as well.

To defend the charge of extortion we, at the minimum, consider the nature of demand or threat, conduct of our client and circumstances surrounding the alleged offence. However, the threat to the life and safety of others will not warrant justification.

Complexity of simple theft matter depends upon whether the charge of theft is under $5000 or over $5000. Irrespective of the nature of the offence we take all these maters seriously and provide best possible end result. Consult our 24 hour criminal lawyer for a no obligation advice.