Murder Lawyer Toronto - Legal Services for First/ Second Degree Homicide Charges

Murder, whether first degree or second degree, is punishable by a minimum term of life imprisonment. However, eligibility for parole marks the distinction between the two. Our Punjabi criminal lawyer Brampton will always be ready to assist you in such homicidal Brampton cases.

Manslaughter is also punishable by life but there is no minimum jail term except in the circumstances where a firearm is used. The minimum punishment for manslaughter is then a four year jail term. Mann lawyer will leave no stone unturned in defending charges for murder in Brampton.

Culpable homicide Brampton is an offence only be tried before a Superior court judge sitting with or without jury. The bail pending trial under this offence can only be granted by a Superior court judge. Planned and deliberate murder or a murder in relation to certain classified persons may amount to first degree. A higher degree of blame is generally attached with murder in contrast to an act of manslaughter.

Manslaughter will be considered only after a moral culpability has been found for the homicide in question and there remains a reasonable doubt regarding the intention to cause murder. Our trusted criminal lawyer Toronto always endeavors to make sure that you leave our office satisfied.

Such matters require us to focus upon a deep fact-finding process and the common law defences applicable if any and on the other hand a thorough analysis of forensic evidence through eyes of an expert. Mr. Mann, a 24 hour criminal lawyer, is committed to provide superior defence in such legal matters.